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MR.J studio – Roronoa Zoro

Studio: MR.J studio
Deposit: RM 669
ETA: 3~4months after PO closed
Product Size: 48CM x 40CM x 35CM
Shipping: Postage Excluded. Any enquiries please contact us.
Remarks: 1. This statue is divided into two versions, the AB version, the A version is the country of WANO clothing, the head sculpture is the country of WANO hairstyle, the B version is the green clothing common to ZORO, and the head sculpture is a black headscarf.
Except for the above two points, the other configurations are the same.
2. The Zoro’s Katana in the work contains Wado Ichimonji+ Kitetsu III + Enma + Shuusui, the Enma and Shuusui can be replaced, and a beautiful katana holder is presented.
3. All of Zoro’s 10 Katanas are made of high-hardness alloy materials, which are not easy to bend.
4. Metal nameplate + nameplate bracket
5. Zoro’s arm part will be painted with a ghost effect
6. Players make an appointment on the opening day, and the studio will give away exquisite wcf ratios Zoro.
7. The production team and production factory of this work are rich in experience, and players can be completely assured of the quality of the big head work


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Due to some unforeseen circumstances, there may be a risk of damage to the parts. We will do our best to assist clients in requesting or communicating with the studio. But if there is any, the customer must bear the cost.

WANO, New World OutFit, BLACK


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