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PORTRAIT.OF.PIRATES ONE PIECE “Playback Memories” Soge King

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26 Mar 2023


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PORTRAIT.OF.PIRATES ONE PIECE “Playback Memories” Soge King


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Release Date

Okt 2023


Pre-painted Figure. Approx. 175mm in Height (160mm to Head) and 225mm in Length.


The "Playback Memories" Portrait.Of.Pirates ONE PIECE series is a special figure series featuring figures of characters from the episodes of the past. The latest character to join the battle is none other than the "King of Snipers", Sogeking!

The mysterious hero is disguised wearing his mask and cape as he wields the huge "Kabuto" weapon that stands taller than him!

The heroic appearance he used against powerful enemies in both the Enies Lobby Arc and Thriller Bark Arc has been captured as a top quality figure by the golden duo of MAS and Kenji Ando—well-known for their sculpting and paintwork on the "MAXIMUM" series of figures.


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